Swedish Folk Music Treasures

I have a dream. My dream is to produce a series of films honoring and documenting the music traditions and repertoire of a variety of seasoned Swedish folk musicians, concentrating on mature masters of the nyckelharpa and the fiddle.

My concern is that the repository of tunes and playing styles that these bearers of tradition employ and carry with them be safeguarded for study by future generations. It is my hope to make two or three films a year, and to make available my films for purchase such that those who are serious students of Swedish folk music the world over can have access to solid source material.

These are the films I have completed to date. Click on the name that interests you for details and how to see the film. Of the thirteen people I have documented, six have now, sadly, passed away (as of June 2021).

Tore Lindqvist

Hasse Gille

Styrbjörn Bergelt

Sture Sahlström

Anders Liljefors

Bosse Larsson

Mats Andersson

Björn Ståbi

Pelle Björnlert

Christer Wesström

Thore Härdelin

Peter Puma Hedlund