The Incredibow is all the buzz in the string world these days. In a nut shell, it is an amazing and incredible space age technology bow created and developed by Ed Wilcox based in Arkansas in the United States. Ed had never heard of a nyckelharpa when we first contacted him. Imagine that!

Rita Leydon and Peter Puma Hedlund have worked closely with Ed to develop a line of Incredibows specifically for the nyckelharpa. That’s Peter in the picture putting his original prototype Incredibow through some paces. To find out how this all came about, we invite you to get comfy and read “the Story.”

The Swedish nyckelharpa is one of the oldest of the world’s old instruments, predating the violin by at least several hundred years. Conservatively speaking, it’s an instrument with a solid 1000 year track record. Lots of people play the nyckelharpa these days. It’s definitely a thriving instrument.

Ed has now passed away, but his daughter, Heidi, is carrying on and continues making his great bows.